Packaging for
Cannabis Industry

Eco Packaging Solutions’ Tin Canna® products were born out of the belief that the cannabis industry should lead the way to a future of sustainable packaging. Tin Canna® is the most easily recycled regulatory compliant packaging on the market for the cannabis industry. Choose a sustainable future for cannabis, choose Tin Canna.

Our Vision

Eco packaging Solutions aims to create a world where cannabis packaging is the most sustainable packaging in all of consumer goods. With the help of brand and cultivators we look to set the cannabis industry on a solid foundation of sustainability from which this industry can blossom into a global leader in sustainable packaging.

Our Mission

Eco Packaging Solutions is providing the cannabis industry with product lines that have a premium look, feel, and performance that sets the standard for sustainable packaging. We offer the highest level of customizable packaging while maintaining our goal of having the most sustainable cannabis packaging on the market.

Our Values

At Eco Packaging Solutions all of our employees share the belief that ecology and economy have to be brought back into balance as our society moves forward. For far too long convenience has been at the expense of the environment. This no longer has to be the case and we are all dedicated to putting the environment first, forever.