Tin Canna®
Packaging for
Cannabis Industry

Tin Canna® is the world’s most sustainable child-resistant and senior friendly packaging solution for the cannabis industry. The sustainable future of cannabis packaging is here.


Tin Canna® is ASTM certified child-resistant and senior friendly in accordance with US 16 CFR 1700.20 – Poison Prevention Packaging Standards – Testing Procedure for Specialty Packaging.


Tin Canna® is made from the highest quality FDA certified food grade tin. There is no plastic used in the construction of the Tin Canna® solutions which means that they are easily recycled in any blue bin or curbside recycle program.


Tin Canna® is completely customizable with full color offset-lithography printing. We offer gloss, matte, and spot gloss and matte finishes. Custom embossing is also available to give your packaging an added premium tactile feel.

100% Recyclable Single Source
Child Resistant Solution

All of the Tin Canna® products are made from FDA certified food grade tin which means that they are easily recycled in any blue bin or curbside recycle program. The Tin Canna® locking mechanism is a patented container design that is ASTM certified child-resistant and senior friendly.

Tin Canna® Products

Tin Canna®
Tubes 4 Stock

Tin Canna®
5 Stock Sizes

Tin Canna®
Custom Shapes

We make your brand stand out!

Don’t settle for plain packaging design when your products deserve so much more! Our design team provides top quality brand and packaging design services…

3D Visualisation

Our 3D artists will create high fidelity renderings and packshots of your branded Tin Canna® packaging so you can have a realistic preview prior to production.

Packaging Design

Tin Canna® offers top quality packaging design services. Our design team will create packaging design solutions that will make your products stand out.

Brand Design

Your brand’s success story begins with your brand logo. Our team of graphic designers will create your brand’s unique and appealing visual identity.


Packaging for
Cannabis Industry

Eco Packaging Solutions’ Tin Canna® products were born out of the belief that the cannabis industry should lead the way to a future of sustainable packaging. Tin Canna® is the most easily recycled regulatory compliant packaging on the market for the cannabis industry. Choose a sustainable future for cannabis, choose Tin Canna.